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Object Based Selling
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Object-Based Selling in Wholesale Distribution

Taking Charge of Distribution Sales
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"Navigating in Organizations"

Navigating in Organizations, offers real-world techniques to get ahead and get things done within organizations. The book, published by Outskirts Press, is aimed toward those just beginning their careers as well as anyone interested in having a positive impact on organizations of which they are a part. Parents, grandparents and managers hiring young people may want to provide this book as a “head start” tool for those they mentor.
Most organizations are hierarchical, social, political, competitive…and frustrating! Many young people enter social, business, nonprofit, or other organizations without the skills they need to be effective in moving the organization—and themselves—forward. Often they aren’t even aware of what the necessary skills are.
Navigating in Organizations offers readers tactics to help their organizations meet objectives while accomplishing their own goals, with concrete advice on how to:

It also offers 11 “Don’ts”—actions that are counterproductive to the reader and their organization’s effectiveness—and 9 skills critical to effectively navigate within organizations. A bonus section includes how to build a personal board of advisors and why this is so important. Most chapters end with specific “Get Started” actions to implement the topic’s principles, along with a list of helpful resources. And throughout the book, these principles are illustrated with short vignettes from the author’s 50-plus-year career in getting things done in organizations.

"Object Based Selling"

In Objective Based Selling, a material handling industry veteran,
Gary Trent Moore, shares his methods and tools to
"Sell More at Higher Gross Margins
You’ll learn How to ….
Use open ended questions to get the customer to tell you how to sell them (over 100 specific questions provided!!)
Create customer focused proposals – instead of quotes
Conduct “scrum” meetings with multiple decision influencers
Build and maintain personal, professional relationships that help sell
And much more!!

"Object-Based Selling in Wholesale Distribution"

Especially in this tough economic climate, wholesale distribution salespeople need a consistent sales model that provides them with the structure to effectively use their talents and skills for increased profitability. Objective-Based Selling™ in Wholesale Distribution provides exactly that sales model. With more than 100 open-ended questions ready to use, this book will teach your salespeople how to sell more at higher gross margins!




"Taking Charge of Distribution Sales"

9 Proven Skills to Lead and Manage Your Sales Team
Making Things Happen for Wholesaler-Distributors

The wholesale distribution industry makes things work in our economy, and distribution sales managers make things happen at wholesale distribution firms!

Sales management is a hands-on job that is subject to real-time performance appraisal. This appraisal is conducted daily by salespeople, customers, suppliers, and distributor general managers and owners. This book, by Gary T. Moore, provides real-world ideas, methods, and direction for distributor sales managers.

Whether you are a new wholesale distribution sales executive putting your system together or an experienced sales executive looking for new perspectives and ideas on the basics, this book offers specifics you can use immediately.